Help with coil construction

   I know this is not strictly involved in the telsa coil 
subject covered in this list.But since you guys seem to be so 
experienced in coil construction I thought you might be 
able to give me some hints on coil construction.
       I have a pulse width modulated source of 10-50 Hz,220 vac,
and I need to filter 5th (250 Hz),7th (350 Hz) and 11th (550 Hz)
harmonics(and yes,the H bridge is driven by a pic).
    The amount of current involved should be no more than 
15 amps (the coils would have to be constructed with some wire
that can handle that current).
      According to my calculations this could be done by paralelling
aproppiate values of inductance an capacitance for each frecuency,
and putting the pairs in series.The values I calculated are:
 0,01 H coil paralelled with  40,53 uF capacitor to block 250 Hz (5th 
 0,005 H "      "        "    41,36 uF    "      "    "   350 Hz (7th   
"     )
 0,002 H "      "        "    41,87 uF    "      "    "   550 Hz (11 th 
"     )
      For what I have seen,a 0,01 H aire cored coil will result
impractical (a 1 per 2 inches coil would require arroun 990 turns),
so what I may be needing is some practical method of building a
ferromagnetic cored (ferrite or iron) coil.
      The question is,how do I build a 0,01 H coil to handle 15 amps,
220 Vac?
      Any help will be appreciated. 

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