Re: HV wiring

       Congratulations to Kim!

> Original Poster: "Kent & Kim Schaffer" <santoken-at-bright-dot-net> 
> Hello everyone!
> Just to let everyone know, my step son received first place at his science
> fair and is advancing on to the regional science fair on March 27th.  We'll
> keep you posted.
> Also, what is it that most of you use as HV leads and wiring on your TC's?
> Like the lines runnig from your Xfmr, etc.  On my step son's coil I used 12
> ga stranded, insulated wire fed through vinyl tubing.

Just heavily insulated wire that's available. No coax.   

> Another question I have is how do most of you run the wire from the top of
> the secondary to the toroid?  How do you attach it?  Is each case
> different?  The reason I ask, on my step son's coil we used a brass coated
> door knob, the wire ran from the top of the form right to the center of the
> upper cap and attached to the door knob.  The only problem was the corona
> and arcs off of the wire before it got to the knob.  Is this a sign of
> something else?

The knob is too small to electrostatically shield the wire. You need 
some overhang. You could try sleeving the wire but it is rather hard 
to do, especially as ppower levels increase.
    As far as connecting to the top goes, *anything* that makes a 
good connection will do. Light pressure contacts can make scope tuning 
give false answers.