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> Hi All,
>           I had the pleasure of hosting Bert Pool and wife Leslie for 
> part of last evening. Bert is the first coiler I've met on the List 
> that I've actually met in person. He arrived here at my workplace 
> around 6:30PM after a long drive down country. He will be here for 
> another eleven days or so.
>      I showed him some of the test gear I've been using in my coil 
> researches, the terminal from which I've been communicating with you
> and we finally fired the coil out back. He shot a considerable amount 
> of video including a brief description of the test gear, coil and 
> some of the photos of magnifier waveforms I captured on the scope 
> recently. So there - it's all real :)
>      He gave me a superb photograph of the magnifier system he and 
> Bill Emery have been working on which showed it throwing sparks all 
> over the yard in front of his garage. The craftsmanship is superb and 
> he left me with some very handy ideas on building more powerful 
> systems. I'm told by Leslie that one of the trees has since demised 
> due to repeated strikes. We ended the meeting with a light meal in a 
> local restaurant.
> Malcolm


Glad to hear about your enjoyable visit from the Pool's.  You were 
probably pleased to learn from seeing actual live samples that at 
least some the rest of us out here are real as well!

It's true, Bert and "Wild" Bill have certainly done some outstanding 
coiling work, I've seen a bit of it on a Richard Hull video.  This Tesla List 
on the Internet has been a wonderful way of all of us meeting and 
sharing our interest, excitement and ideas on Tesla coils.  Once in a 
while when geographical boundaries can actually be overcome 
and coilers from afar actually meet in person is often the best treat 
of all.  It's a shame that there aren't more coilers living in NZ.


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