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I used Mountain Dew bottles on my first coil, powered by a 10kV 23mA oil 
burner ignition transformer. If I can remember correctly the bottles 
were PP or PE. It took a two banks of bottles in series to get enough 
voltage rating, and even then I last a bottle or two. This was a very 
small coil producing 6" with two of the OBITs in parallel.

Tristan Stewart

>Gary Weaver wrote:
>> So people use salt water caps in glass bottles which has a power loss 
>> about 50%. So I have a new idea.  Polyethylene is much better than 
glass and
>> soft drink bottles are made of polyethylene.  I know the thickness of 
>> soft drink bottles are only about .010 thousands so about 10 bottles 
>> have to be connected in series to get a good voltage rating.  Has 
>> tried this?  Can anyone thing of a container that is made of poly and 
>> thicker than a soft drink bottle?
>I think that material is mylar, not polyethylene. About voltage rating,
>-one- bottle is more than enough for a few 10 kV. I have tested that 
>with 100 kV and it never ruptured. But it deforms badly with even a 
>amount of heat, so do not operate a capacitor at high power for long 
>It is easy to find plastic containers made of better materials in all 
>at your nearest supermarket. A bottle is just a convenient shape, and 
>may be somewhat lossy, but has a good dielectric constant and resists 
>Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz

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