Re: Sync Motor Conversion-Strobes

Radio Shack sells some "ultra-bright" LED's (around three bucks each)
which make an excellent strobe light.  They have a built-in lens and
work much better than NE-2's, which don't put out very much light. 
Running them from a small filament transformer and rectifier would make
a useful light source, while adding a zener diode in series to limit the
lighting to the peak of the cycle would help reduce the blur.  Depending
on whether the rectifier were half-wave or full-save, you could get 60
pps or 120 pps.

	I have been using a small portable strobe using three of the LED's for
a couple of years now.  Uses a 555 oscillator driving a second 555 as a
short pulse generator and, in my version, covers from 10 pps to 60 pps. 
The average current drain is only about 20 ma, so it will run a long
time on a 9V transistor battery.