Cheap AC Milliammeter

Hi All,

	I picked up a Radio Shack 0-130 VAC panel meter (RS# 22-412) today for
$13.  If you put a 1000 ohm 10 watt resistor (10x RS# 271-152)across it,
you will change the scale from 0-130 volts to 0-130 milliamps.  This would
be useful for checking the output current of neons without risking too much
money.  Since neons output thousands of volts, dropping a hundred volts or
so across a current shunt resistor is no big deal.  Of course, the meter
may be charged to high voltage so it needs to be well insulated from
surrounding objects.  Much better to blow up $15 of Radios Shack stuff
rather than a real nice DVM...