Sources for parts

Tesla List

I was acquiring some components for an unrelated construction project,
and came across some suppliers that should be useful to list members.


The May issue of Nuts and Volts shows a number of large, very high
voltage, capacitors on page 54.  The company is "Resources Un-Ltd." 
Phone is: 800-810-4070, E-mail is: unltd4u-at-m20-dot-net (as of the June
issue).  No catalog.

The caps are .05/.001/.001 uf at 46,000 volts, $79,   .05 uf at 60,000
volts $69,  .5 uf at 36,000 volts, along with some other high voltage
energy discharge types.  The focus of their company seems to be lasers
and military surplus, so these may be suitable for TC use.

Hosfelt Electronics publishes a (free) catalog with some interesting
candidates for an MMC style cap.  Their phone number is:  800-524-6464. 
Page 54 of catalog 99B, shows a number of G.E. snubber caps made for
high current, high voltage, service in power switching products.  The
dielectric is metalized polypropylene. .1 uf -at- 3 KV DC is $1.99 each,
.33 uf -at- 2 KV DC is $1.75 each.

Johnson Shop Products is, from the looks of it, a garage operation. 
They have been in business for quite awhile, and put out a 35 page xerox
catalog, that they'll let you have in exchange for two first class
stamps.  They are heavy in RF chokes and tape wound, powdered iron and
ferrite, toroids and cup cores, as well as some ceramic insulators, heat
sinks and semiconductors.  There are usually a series of very high power
MOSFET  and Darlington type "hockey puck" semiconductors for a very
reasonable price.  (e.g. 500 V 36 amp MOSFET for $3.00).  Their address
is P.O. Box 2843, Cupertino, CA 95015.  All their transactions are via
snail mail, and checks - no charge cards.  In spite of that, I sometimes
get an order from them, in less time than All Electronics takes, and at
a lower shipping cost.

Surplus Center is geared towards hydraulics and power transmission type
applications.  Their catalog is free and contains an excellent selection
of AC and DC motors, rheostats, power contactors, switches, fans,
blowers, water pumps, line voltage and low voltage transformers, etc. 
Their use to TC builders is probably limited, but the catalog is a
tinkerer's delight.  Phone number is: 800-488-3407.