secondary FS

a couple of years ago, before I found this list, I wound a nice secondary on
some 3 or 4 inch diameter lucite or plexiglass tubing - about four feet of
24 gague wire with nice clear end caps, etc.  Then, of course, I figured out
that I had wound about twice as much wire as I should have.  Perhaps this
thing would make a nice double ended secondary, or maybe there is some other
use for it - If anyone wants it, I'd be happy to part with it for the cost
of the plastic tubing I wound it on (I may even still have the receipt, it
was around $25 to $30), or I can trade it for something - right now it's
just sitting unused in my garage.

if you can use this, contact me off the list.

If you have some brilliant idea for why I should keep this and do some
interesting tesla thing with it, then by all means post that to the list so
we can all read about it.

(and no, I don't want to saw it in half, but you can)