Re: insulating oils.

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: "Michael J. Veach" <veachm-at-sunyit.edu>
> What kind of oil is best for very high voltage tesla-type stuff? I need
> some transformer oil, but I've heard it's 300 bucks a gallon. I need 100
> gallons, so as you can guess I'm worried about price.
> Mike Veach.


Exxon Univolt 60 or Shell Diala-X are commonly used
high voltage transformer oils.  There is some good
news - your price of $300 / gal is about 10 times
what you can buy it for.  Check with your local oil
(Exxon, Shell, etc.) for prices on one of the oils
listed above.  Typical price range for a 5 gallon
pail is around $25.  For 2 - 50 gallon drums, they'll
probably give some sort of discount.  Either way -
no where near $300 / gallon - more like $3 - $5 /
gallon (for small quantities) and probably around $2.5

David L. McKinnon
/ gallon for 100 gallons.