Re: Another Q about scopes and TCs

Hi Andy,

	The resistors have to be able to withstand the voltage across each one
easily.  I suspect your 500M resistors are pretty big and can take a lot of
voltage.  Next, there may be capacitance across the resistors that may
transmit high current to the scope if there were high frequency transients.
 Also, if the secondary voltage were to hit the primary, the resistors
could be easily arced over.  

	In general, I would say that this "could" be reasonably safe but there is
always some risk to the scope that you have to be willing to accept.

	You may want to check out the following web page for a very safe field
antenna design which may serve your needs.  This is what I use for most work...




At 12:42 PM 6/24/99 -0400, you wrote:
>	To try to aid me in tuning my TC I thought that it would be useful to be
>able to look at the waveform in an oscilloscope.  I have successfully
>brought the voltage down from 12kv to about 200v using about 5 500M ohm
>resistors in series, and I suspect I could bring it down even more if I need
>to (I have about 100 resistors).  Would it be smart to connect that to my
>scope?  Does it do anything that might harm it, or is the High Voltage still
>in there somehow?  I just don't want to injure my silly scope, so I thought
>that I would get some advice.  Thank you,