Autoformer? I hardly knew 'er! HA

I keep seeing these things around here, I think they're called "Autoformers" 
that are kind of like a potentiometer or a variac.
They're a variable transformer, with a wiper and the primary and secondary 
are the SAME coil of wire. That got me to thinkin' and eventually I had a 
brain fart.

Has anybody ever thought about building a TC setup like an autoformer. Not 
adjustable, just with the primary and secondary shareing the same coil?
I believe the difference in freguency from the Pri, to the Sec would make it 
impossible, but I was just curious.

Also I just capped my 6" secondary with pvc endcaps and pvc glue. Will the 
glue vapor be a problem? It's air tight now and I'm wondering if the 
outgassing from the glue will leave an explosive atmosphere inside the tube? 
If not, where does it go?

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