Re: Homemade Cap Meter

I accidentally hit the send key before I had entirely
finished the message about my Cap Meter.

I wired the unit up using two single-sided PC boards
(and a fair number of jumpers!) that are mounted
piggy-back to conserve space.

If anyone is interested in AutoCad drawings of the
schematic and PC boards and/or the assembly listings
for the PIC, please e-mail me *directly*. Please
do *not* post requests to the list, as this
inconveniences everybody.

If anyone wants to put the plans on their web site,
that is OK with me. In that case once you have
them available on your site post the url to the

I will be in and out the next few days, so if you
make a request and don't get it answered immediately
please wait a few days before sending an additional

To aid me in locating your requests among the 
hundreds of e-mails I receive each day, please
use the subject header Re:Homemade Cap Meter.

Fr. Tom McGahee