Re: Math Doodling II

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: Rscopper-at-aol-dot-com
> Dave, All,
> Making a low voltage high current coil is difficult but not impossible.  My
> 8X6 runs off of a 4000 V air-cooled CO2 laser power supply transformer.  The
> primary tank capacitors are 6- 1uf GE transmission line caps in series.  The
> biggest problem was the RSG.  I did have to put bearings on each side of the
> shaft and use a flex coupling to the motor to get a tight tolerance in the
> gaps (0.02in) so it will fire at the low voltages. It has served me well for
> about a year now, and I can say I've had a {heck} of alot less problems with
> it than I had with NSTs.
> By the way, WinTesla version 3 should be ready in a week or two.  I've added
> a metric conversion toolbar button, and I'm finishing the PSpice file output
> section.  It will have a simple RLC model, Malcoms distributed ladder model,
> and a complex model from Terry and others. It will be available for download
> at http://members.aol-dot-com/rscopper/index.htm  In the next version I'll add
> some of the power formulas that have been passed around lately.
> Later,
> R. Scott Coppersmith
> P.S. The company I work for (BOSCH) has published an article on my coil
> building.  If I can get permission from the lawyers to post it on my web site
> I will.
> <<<<<<SNIP>>>>>>


I know the routine with the Lawyers  :^?

Your system sounds really good for a low voltage system and yes
I understand why it is much better then a high Z NST system...
Is it actually DC or are you using AC?  What is combined C and kV
rating of your tank capacitors?

Looking forward to next version of WinTesla; OBTW I'm working very
hard on VTTC models to help improve that area as well.  I've got the
tubes and hardware (120 lb 208 to 3.5kV 3ph xfmr 'PIG' ) to build
a 3-5kVA system using either 4-400C or 833A in.  Will configure as a
push-pull hartley oscillator, estimated spark length out 30-36",
peak power ~ 100kW.

I've started help Alex Tajnsek of our group in building a very large
20-30kVA system first classic Tesla Coil then Magnifer.  Everything
has to built yet (controller, safety circuits, etc.) We have a VARIAC
stack from hell to run this puppy though (125kVA nameplate).  We have
the PT's and tank capacitors on hand to run up to 70kV input :^<>
Main exercise will be fiberoptic instrumentation and monitoring of
dynamic circuit behavior, and optimization based on mesurements, not


Chesterfield, VA. USA