Re: Introduction & Tube 833A


Well you are asking at the right place for info on Tube coils, as there are
many tube guru's on this list. I have done some work with 833A Tube coils
this year with good results, and as time permits, plan to do more. First,
if you see my web site at: http://www.pond-dot-net/~davidt and follow the link
to Tesla coiling, you will find a link for photos and Tube coiling, see
both. I have the RCA spec. sheets for the 833A available, and some tube
coil schematics, etc. 40 usd for a brand new 833A tube is good, I have
payed $20 for used ones of unknown past. Let us know what kind of coil you
want to make, what your power supply is, etc....


David Trimmell

At 02:21 PM 6/19/99 , you wrote:
>Original Poster: "SkiZo" <skizo-at-sgic.fi> 
>Hello.  This is my first post to the list so maybe I should 
>introduce myself first? I'm quite young, only 16 years old and
>I live in Finland. I have been reading the list for more than 
>a year now and received lots of valuable information, so 
>thanks everyone who has posted to the list =)
>During the past 1 years I have built (with the help from my friend) 
>two coils and tried to build a tube driven TC but it didn't work very well.
>The sparks from my first coil were only about two inches long and
>my current coil puts out sparks about 20" long but I'm expecting
>to get more in future. I'll probably post the details of my coil later 
>and see if anyone of you have some tips for making it better...
>But now to the main reason for this post, the tube 833a...
>I could get few unused 833a:s for cheap, only about 40usd piece,
>or at least I think that it is quite cheap price for that tube (correct
>me if I'm wrong?).  According to what I know about 833a it should 
>be suitable for TC use, and now I would like to know that will it work
>and if it will work then how well will it perform in tube driven tesla
>In the past I have bought so much parts that I haven't been able to 
>use after all, so now I want to be sure that I don't buy something I can't 
>use. And I would also like to get specifications for that tube because I 
>don't have the exact data.
>Thanks in advance,