Re: Ball bearings

Tesla List wrote:

>         For the record, I have tried annealing bearing balls with the
intent of
> drilling them.  The project was a total failure!  

I would expect that.  Bearing steel just doesn't anneal very much. 
I have drilled it using solid tungsten carbide bits but it's kinda
like pushing string - neither much fun nor very successful.

>Think the EDM would
> work well, but didn't think it was a high-voltage proposition.  Details
> please?  Think Lindsay has a book on EDM, and should probably pick it
> up.  

I don't have Lindsay's book but I hear it is very good.  My frame of
reference is an old Pop Mechanics article back in the 60s on a
homemade EDM setup.  Used a plate tranny, some caps and ordinary
copper wire as the effector.  The whole operation was done under
kerosene.  Works quite well.  Biggest application for me has been to
machine out broken taps.  Since this is just a fancy, controlled
version of the same process that pitts the terminals of a cap that's
shorted, it should machine just about anything that will conduct
electricity.  BTW, lindsay has another little book on building a tap
removing machine that uses EDM and a vibrating engraver.  Looks real


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