A few questions

A couple questions from the Geeks.

1. What is the effect of capping the ends of the secondary? Is it really 
nessessary? Why?

2. Has anyone ever thought of using MOV's instead of a safety gap? Would 
this be possible? Why?

3. If the secondary is capped, is it good practice to mount studs in either 
cap for electrical connections to the ground strap and toroid?

4. We have 2 15' ground rods with VERY heavy ACSR wires connected to each. 
We had them placed espically for TC use. They're 2' apart with less than 1 
ohm between rods.
How do we connect them to the TC? Should we use the ACSR or copper strap? 

5. How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie-roll center of a 
tootsie pop? Will the world ever know? Why?

Thanks Guys, and don't get dead.

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