Re: cap firing voltage scope measurements question

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> Such a high voltage rise seems strange to me but I could belive it in an
> LTR setup with a sync gap.  Of course, the scope or probe may have bad
> bandwidth characteristics or your getting noise which may be messing the
> readings up.  However, I thought you were using pretty good HV probes and
> such but that would be the first place I would look for a problem...  Do
> you have safety gaps?  They should be firing like made at 30kV I would 

Terry, all,

I'm just using a simple resistive voltage divider type HV probe.  My
reasoning here is that there should be ~no RF left from the previous
firing at the time the gap fires.  I have a safety gap set at 3/4" using
roundish acorn nuts facing each other.  I have to look for my chart
showing approx firing voltages for various gap spacings.

John Freau
 >> Does this seem normal?  I would have expected the voltage to be
> > lower with the gap firing since there's less time for resonant voltage
> > build-up.  In there a gap in my understanding?  Or is my scope
> > reading wrong?  The 30.4kV makes sense from a Joule perspective,
> > since it comes out to 840 cap watts or so, and the meter reads 1000
> > watts, which seems about right. 
> >
> > Mystery, or insanity?
> > Thanks,
> > John Freau >>
> Just a mystery at this point.  Much more work to be done before the
> benefits of insanity start to simplify our investigations :-))
> Very great work you are doing there!!
 >	Terry >>