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If it's a deep dark red it probably GE's Glyptal --- a standard baking
varnish for elec. motor repair work.

It works fine on TC's and coilforms.


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>Original Poster: Reinier Heeres <rwh-at-worldonline.nl>
>Hi all!
>I just found some pretty cheap copper wire to build my first tesla coil.
>It is normal 0.6mm dia (AWG 24 I think) wire, but it has an extra red
>coating. The guy who sold it to me told me it was something they called
>'baking varnish'. When they finish winding a motor they apply a high DC
>current, so that the wire heats up and melts together. Could anyone tell
>me if what it is? Is it lossy at TC frequencies, etc.
>Regards, Reinier
>BTW: Alan, did you test those cheap caps yet? It would still be a good
>idea if we bought them together with some other people here in Europe!