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>> >Hi Bob / all on list,
>> >                          Yes I wondered how many UK coilers saw this one.
>> >
>> >Definitely a case of  'double hump resonance!'
>> >
>> >Anyone know where it was filmed?
>> Hi Martin,
>>         I always wondered what double humped resonance meant. It was
>filmed at the
>> national grid company labs in Leatherhead, Surrey. I have emailed them to
>> try and get more info on the Tesla coil, but no response yet.
>> bob golding
>HI Bob & Martin
>The Tesla coil has come of age when it is being sold to joe public
>like this(sex sells).
>Can you mail the list the E-mail address of the national grid lab and
>if a few more of us mail them it may yeld resolts.

Hi Mike Martin, all
	the address I got from their web site is


	The web site is at


Not a lot of info on the site though apart from the usual ohh! ahh!
we are a mega corparation stuff.
congratulations on the 40" sparks.

	bob golding