Neon wiring

Hi All, 
Can anyone tell me how to wire three 120V NST's to run off a single 240V
outlet. I know that I can series two together for 240V operation but how
would I add the third.

On another subject, how do you design a circuit with a static gap to fire at
120 bps? Is it gap spacing, cap size, input current? I have scavenged
several 12kV,60ma NST's (freebies) and two Maxwell plastic pulsecap's, one
100kV .04 mF and one 40 kV .09 mF (they were $90 a piece from a surplus
source which is much cheaper than what I saw posted recently. I think there
is one more 40 kV .09 mF available if anyone is interest). Since this is
what I have available I would like to design a system around these
components. Any suggestions. I was planning to use some combination of NST's
to get 12kV, 180 ma for resonant charging with the .04 mF cap but have been
reading lately about LTR caps and big caps, low bps and other conflicting
opinions i.e. small caps, high voltage. John Freau said that he had
previously posted on how to do something similar, I searched the archives
and no luck. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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