Re: Rotary Vs Stationary

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>      Pardon my lack of knowdege,
>  I would like to know if a rotary spark gap HAS to be synchronous to be
>  successful?
>  and also, would there be much use in a RSG on a 4" coil? (are they mainly 
> for
>  bigger coils?)
>      Thanks, Michael

If you have been reading the list for a while, there have been a few test 
reports of smaller coils being run with a syschronous rotary gap compared to 
a static gap and an increase in performance shown.  I don't know if the 
amount of increase warrants the expense - different folks will probably find 
different results since each coil system is somewhat unique.

Once you ramp the power up on a system into the  2 to 3 kva range and higher, 
it generally means you are using power supplies capable of delivering several 
hundred milliamps and run of the mill static gaps will not quench - a rotary 
gap is necessary at these power levels.  I run an asynchronous gap at about 7 
to 8 kva.  I have not seen results that show synchronous gaps improve 
performance at these levels.  I have not tried it.

Ed Sonderman