Re: New LTR Stuff

At 22:03 07/06/99 -0600, you wrote:

>sync01.jpg - My new sync gap.  A sync motor I got from Dr. Resonance, a
>poly disk cut from a commercial poly cutting board, Thorated tungsten
>electrodes (destroyed two files cutting them and meticulously containing
>the radioactive dust...) and a replacement drill chuck as a mount for the
>disk.  The 1/8" tungsten rod costs about $1 per inch.  It is used in TIG
>welding and is commonly available but you have to ask...  If any one needs
>the radioactive or plain kind let me know...
>sync02.jpg - I think this is a neat idea!  I got a $12 replacement drill
>chuck from the hardware store.  It bits on the sync motor shaft and has a
>3/8-20 threaded hole on the back that I got a bolt for.  It grabs the shaft
>and perfectly mounts and aligns the disk on the motor shaft.  All high
>precision and very easy to "play" with.  I worry about the chuck shaking
>loose with time but one could always epoxy it.  This is a 1800 RPM motor
>that will be fully enclosed so I don't worry...
>sync03.jpg - The back of the rotor showing the 3/8-20 bolt, the poly disk,
>and the tungsten electrodes.  I hope the disk does not melt but this gap
>will see fairly easy service so it should be ok...

Superb photos again terry,
	How are the electrodes held into the disk?
bob golding