Re: Rotary Vs Stationary

to: Mike

On a 4 inch size or 6 inch size dia sec coil a series of 3 subdivided
sparkgaps (in series) works great with a 200-250 cfm blower mounted right
behind the gaps (1 1/2 inches away).  On coils over 8-10 inch dia then a
synchro with NST works very good.  Don't use a NST with a non-snychro RSG or
you will probably blow it out.



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Subject: Rotary Vs Stationary

>Original Poster: Michael Burton <mickb15-at-ozemail-dot-com.au>
>    Pardon my lack of knowdege,
>I would like to know if a rotary spark gap HAS to be synchronous to be
>and also, would there be much use in a RSG on a 4" coil? (are they mainly
>bigger coils?)
>    Thanks, Michael