Cap Identification

Hi all,
        Would someone help me please? I would like some data on a 
capacitor with the following legends stamped on the case.

The case: blue plastic, axial leads, translucent end filler.

The legends exactly as they are stamped on the case: 

   .002MFD- 12.5KVDC

The capacitance and working voltage is obvious. The last legend 
implies a date of manufacture. These caps were wired in a series 
string with a 1k composition resistor between each and a 200 MOhm 
thin or thick film resistor bridging each. I know it was intended for 
some kind of use in a 120kV supply which used a bundle of flyback 
transformers. I also have two strings of the same type of cap rated 
at 0.015uF at 15kVDC.

What kind of capacitor have I got?

Thanks in advance,