Re: New LTR Stuff

The lead spacing above the board is the with of my finger.  :-)  I didn't
have to cut the leads or do any added prep work.  Just the simplest and
fastest way.  No great thought went into it.  I had a hundred leads staring
at me and this was the fastest way to connect them.  I just let nature take
its course...



At 12:56 PM 6/8/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Terry, All,
>    Very nice work. I was wondering why you connected the capacitor
>leads together above the perf board?  Thermal?
>emmc04.jpg - A close up showing the terminals and 10Meg 1/2 watt drain
>resistors.  I still strongly recommend these...  I do not recommend
>interconnecting the strings since it defeats the selectable values and
>defeat the possible self healing of the caps.