New LTR Stuff

Hi All,

	I have been working on my new LTR (Larger Than Resonant) Tesla coil for
the last few weeks.  I have been making a lot of new equipment.  Unlike my
purely experimental stuff, this coil is designed to be portable and much
more polished (I hope to have it going for July fourth).  Although far from
complete,  I posted some "in progress" pics for your entertainment.  They
are JPG files at:


emmc01.jpg - This is a view of the main board of my 28nF 22kV main cap.  It
has five rows of 10 x 0.056nF 1600V Panasonic caps.  The five strings are
each connected through long bolts that will be attached to a 1/4 inch
Plexiglass cover.  The board will be suspended about 2 inches under the
Plexiglass by the terminal bolts.  Each string is 5.6nF so I can select the
values I need in 5.6 nF increments.  Hopefully, it will stand up well to
Tesla use based on the testing I have done with MMC caps.  I have about
$150 into it.

emmc02.jpg - A closer view of the top of the board.

emmc03.jpg - The bottom of the board.  A little fuzzy.

emmc04.jpg - A close up showing the terminals and 10Meg 1/2 watt drain
resistors.  I still strongly recommend these...  I do not recommend
interconnecting the strings since it defeats the selectable values and will
defeat the possible self healing of the caps.

emmc05.jpg - The solid oak box for the cap still waiting for the
polyurethane to dry.   Note the power driver to the right I just had to buy
for this project :-))

power01.jpg - My new variac control box.  Made from 3/4 inch oak with
cooling fan, nice safety lights, switches, and contactors as well as dual
stage AC filters and MOVs.  Front panel is t-6061 Aluminium with rub on
lettering imbedded in polyurethane.  This baby will out last me.  I forget
how much it cost. :-))

sync01.jpg - My new sync gap.  A sync motor I got from Dr. Resonance, a
poly disk cut from a commercial poly cutting board, Thorated tungsten
electrodes (destroyed two files cutting them and meticulously containing
the radioactive dust...) and a replacement drill chuck as a mount for the
disk.  The 1/8" tungsten rod costs about $1 per inch.  It is used in TIG
welding and is commonly available but you have to ask...  If any one needs
the radioactive or plain kind let me know...

sync02.jpg - I think this is a neat idea!  I got a $12 replacement drill
chuck from the hardware store.  It bits on the sync motor shaft and has a
3/8-20 threaded hole on the back that I got a bolt for.  It grabs the shaft
and perfectly mounts and aligns the disk on the motor shaft.  All high
precision and very easy to "play" with.  I worry about the chuck shaking
loose with time but one could always epoxy it.  This is a 1800 RPM motor
that will be fully enclosed so I don't worry...

sync03.jpg - The back of the rotor showing the 3/8-20 bolt, the poly disk,
and the tungsten electrodes.  I hope the disk does not melt but this gap
will see fairly easy service so it should be ok...

I still have the transformer enclosure with a new, fairly high tech,
protection circuit to go.  I modeled the system and tried all kinds of
fault conditions like secondary strikes, open load conditions, shorts, etc.
and this coil should be bullet proof.  More to come...

BTW - I ordered 100 of those SGCA-2500D spark gaps for All Electronics
today.  I think there are possibilities there...