Re: Vtop vs coil length

Hi Dr R,

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> to: Finn
> It's more total spark length than voltage although they are related.  Most
> secondaries with two internal disks can withstand up to length = total spark
> length / 3.   (or 3 times sec coil length for spark length).  This assumes a
> large toroid on top --- considerably less if smaller toroid is total spark
> length = 1.5 x sec coil length.  Beyond this and you start pushing the
> envelope and failure is sure to occur at some point.  For reference 1 MV is
> equal to a spark length of 9 ft. through normal air at STP (this measured
> across 1/2 inch dia rod gap).
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> Dr.Resonance

Have you tried increasing the terminal size (beyond what you've 
already tested) and bang size in the way I suggested to John Freau to 
see whether that length is the last word for 1MV?