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<<<< Please send all inquires directly to Curt and not the list.  There is
a lot of laser stuff here that I was tempted to reject but the transformers
and caps were so cool I decided to be merciful :-)  - Terry >>>>

Greetings fellow Electron/Joule Junkie Types

FINALLY ........here is the list of some of the transformers and caps
available, these are tested working units ,sold as is with no implied
warranty or guarantee of any kind , the costs of these devices reflects only
a surplus wholesale amount in comparison to the normal new with warranty
prices that are typical for these devices.

The list is not complete and the quantity of similar types of devices
including but not limited to : transformers , caps , charging systems , h.v.
tanks , run capacitors , high kV wire , high kV diodes and bridges , huge
resistors ,lasers and components  and the like, are available from my
inventory and other warehouses in which we are currently logging for a
complete electronics surplus virtual warehouse UN-like any other currently
on the net.
These prices are based on single lots, and if your interested in mixed
quantities I'll deal just like everyone else.
These prices are also US and do not include any sales tax or shipping if
applicable, call me for rates to your destination for any of these items.


kV      ma     pri. v       qty.         cost         type
7.5     20      120         16        50.00ea      neon
7.5     30      120          9         50.00ea      neon
9.0     30      120         14        65.00ea      neon
10.0   30      120          2         75.00ea      neon
10.0   60      120          1       100.00ea      neon
10.0   250    120          2          call      pulse cap/charger
10.0   500    240          1          call      pulse cap/charger
10.0 1000 240-277      1           call     pulse cap/charger
12.0    30     120         26       75.00ea        neon
12.0    60     120          8      125.00ea        neon
15.0    30     120         17     100.00ea        neon
15.0    60  240-277     13     150.00ea        neon
15.0   120 240-277      2           call            neon
15.0 1000 240-277      1           call     pulse cap/charger
20.0 1000 240-277      1           call     pulse cap/charger



kV      rating      cost          qty.          type
10       65pic   20.00ea        8       doorknob
25     200pic   25.00ea       19      doorknob
30     500pic   40.00ea       56      doorknob


kV      rating         cost         qty.            type
2        100uf      125.00ea      2           sprague
10       75uf       450.00ea     14          maxwell**
10     100uf       550.00ea     45          maxwell
10     200uf       750.00ea      5           maxwell
15     100uf       750.00ea      2           maxwell
20     100uf       850.00ea      6           maxwell
30     ????          call             2           sprague ?

** we used 14 of these bad boy's paralleled to do a couple of 60-70Kj
anybody out there ever seen a 12' plasma ball before? pics to be posted to
the net in the next week or so!



Coherent I-100 argon 23.5 watts 1 hr on regas/service 480v3ph perfect shape

Coherent CR-12 super graphite argon system rated 24 watts
multiline,multimode, 480v 3ph power , complete and ready to run 5000.00

Lexel 75 systems 110v liquid cooled (2) available #1 is 800hr 235mw-at-14a
430mw-at-15.5a perfect shape w/manual and lexel shipping crates 2800.00
#2 unit is Brand New and Hot 2 hrs 310mw-at-14a 565mw-at-15.5a w/manuals and
lexel shipping crates 4000.00
add 500.00 for the lab prism tuning assembly for tem00 singleline output

Spectra Physics 168 6 watt argon system 230v 3ph  7000.00

Lexel 95 system sold complete or just head only 5.6watts output  230v 3ph
low hours complete system 7000.00 or head only for 4000.00

Opthalase duet system dual tube argon/krypton white light system 230v 3ph
very low hours perfect shape 7.5 watts total power 7000.00

HGM compact high power system integral power supply 13.5 watts power 230v
3ph med. hours 4500.00

Coherent cr 52 system complete Bad tube good supply 230v 3ph  1200.00

American 63-128 175+mw aircooled systems med. time 110v (3)  available
1700.00 ea

American 60x 140mw air-cooled systems med. time 110v many available

ILT 5490 system  250mw air-cooled system very low time 110v perfect shape


Laserscope KTP532 43 watts of 532nm 230v SINGLE PHASE med. time perfect
shape 12500.00

LaserCooperSonics 110watt 1064nm 230v 3ph several available  4000.00 ea
*same as above but modified with a Z cavity resonator and NLO for 60+ watts
532nm GREEN 15,850.00
*same as above but modified with a z cavity resonator and NLO for 9+ watts
of 659nm RED  19,850.00

Kustom Kolor diode pumped ndYag DPSS systems from 1-50 watts Green 532nm
and 659nm red avail.  call for pricing

Kustom Kolor arc lamp pumped ndYag 532nm 5-54 watts or  659nm red available
230v 3ph starting at 17,000.00  230v 1ph starting at 19,000.00

(5)Lumonics Lightwriter laser engraving systems  50watts q-switched yag
12x24 xy table complete and functioning systems are working takeouts from a
Silicon Valley Major
Chip Manufacturer  (that starts with a Capitol I ) they used them to
their logo onto all of the 386, 486 and pentium chips untill the new PII
chip line was outfitted with all new laser engraver systems all systems are
1994 -1997 or newer systems are sold as is or set-up with training and
support, use for Wood ,metals , granite , most other materials  these
systems support any conventional cad system and or standard pc with coral
draw or equiv. program  starting at 24500.00

Laser Cooper Sonics 75watt 1064 230v 1ph  several available 3500.00
*same as above but modified with a Z cavity resonator and NLO for 40+ watts
of 532nm GREEN 13850.00
*same as above but modified with a Z cavity resonator and NLO for 6+ watts
of 655nm RED 16850.00

Florod  LCP wafer correction system pulse with video camera and x and y
beam delivery  4500.00


Spectra Physics 971  1400 watts complete transverse flow system  med time

(3) Coherent 42 industrial 50w flowing gas co2 systems 230v PSU $1200.00 ea

Lumonics 920 TEA co2 laser complete with supply and control panel 25kw
pulses $2500.00

Many sealed medical systems available 10-150watts complete systems starting
at 500.00

GTE/SYLVANIA  941 5.5 watt liquid cooled sealed tube type table top system
includes (2) heads and (1) power supply 750.00

HUGHES   aircooled 7.5 watt co2 system  750.00


Sieman's 36 mw 632nm polarized complete system low time (2) available 850.00

Spectra Physics  12mw 632nm polarized complete new condition 350.00

Toshiba 8mw 632nm polarized complete good condition 250.00

(4) Uniphase 2.7mw 632nm polarized systems with 110-220v power supply  BRAND
NEW  75.00ea


Spectra Physics Pd-2 Dye laser 1 cavity laser with 2 amplifier cavities and
with presision grate tuning system, killer optics and in perfect shape (does
not include pump laser or dye pumps)  $4500.00


Optical associates model 760 co2 power supply 110v 1-50watts  500.00
Ruby rod's 3.00" x .250"  new  350.00
ndYag rod's 3.55" x .250 new 550.00
ndGlass rod's 3.50" x .250 new 550.00

GTE rotary q-switch driver model 448  350.00

General Scanner G124 open loop scanners many available used  175.00ea
General Scanner G100 closed loop scanners (5) available BRAND NEW in
Original Boxes 450.00 ea
General Scanner G734 open loop scanners (3) available used 150.00ea
General Scanner G300pd closed loop scanners (3) available used 250.00 ea
MFE actuators open loop  many available used 75.00 ea

scanner amps many types and names call for availability

Hughes high powered ndYag freq. Doubler (some kind of D.O.D. DEATH BEAM
project) HUGE NLO crystal and killer optics inside  750.00

Ktp crystals for 1064 nm yag doubling  many sizes 250-1500.00

HUGE  .500" x .500" x 1.00" AT-ADP freq. doubler NLO crystal in a
hydroscopic cell (extracavity doubling of yag probably)   450.00

Rotary Phase Converters (208-230v single phase power in **TA-DAA***
THREE PHASE POWER OUT! run any 208-230v three phase laser system off of
single phase power....use your medium frame laser in your basement or in
that small local venue that has only 208 or 230 single phase power, many
systems available depending on your power (current) needs  complete systems
starting at 500.00 and or for the doit guy that is comfortable playing with
A/C,  buy our plans/schematics which includes parts list and vender list
(parts are available surplus everywhere) for huge savings by doing the
assembly and wiring yourself  plans kit is only $50.00


12"-21" monitors call for availability 100's available
Digital VAX system servers and stations (call)
many ps2's and parts 25.00 for entire lot plus shipping

Tandem Cyclone xl massive computer system (was the heart of our local GOV
data system) (4) 7' tall processor racks (each rack has 18 boards each
processor board has 15 processors all paralleled), also has huge quantity
100's of simms chips per processor
(4) hard drive racks each with (10) 10.2 gig sections in them, also (2) tape
machines  and a 50kva rotary generator surge suppressor/controller all
complete and ready to plug-in and run some third world country!!!!  asking
100,000.00 + sh/h for the system or best offer ......pics available call me
with your offer

new stuff arrives daily email for the latest listing or call (888)448-7890
for your
specific needs...............curt


to see pics of some of this laser stuff goto

                                        LaseTech Co.

                        5601 Coldwater Rd Ft Wayne IN 46825
                           ph 219-471-1110  fx 219-471-9347

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