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> Can't answer you're question but remember you not only need a synchronous
> motor but it needs to be salient-pole. >>

Brian, Gavin, all,

Can a sync motor be the hysterisis type and also be salient-pole?
I have a dual speed hysterisis type, and I think it always locks the
same, phase-wise.  This motor has  6 wires; white, yellow, grn,and
black, and red.  To make it run at 3600 rpm, I jumpered the yellow 
and green wires together, placed an 8uF cap between the blue and
red wire, and connected the ac line to the green and red wire.

To make it run at 1800 rpm , I still connect the 8uF cap between the
blue and red wire, but I jumper the white and black wires together, and
apply ac power to the black and red wire.

I don't know if this is the correct way to wire the motor, but it's what
I came up with and it seems to run fine with these connections.

My guess is that the blue wire is a center tap of the white to yellow
windings, and the red wire is a center tap of the black to green
windings.  I forget how I came to this conclusion.  It was a couple
years ago that i did the tests to get it going, and I wrote it all down
on paper here so I have the record.

John Freau