Greetings all

I've been working theTransformer/cap/HVrelated list up and have it nearly
complete for the final email.
We have been busy with several high voltage/current plasma experiments
.....last evening we touched off a 62Kj pulse with 14 of the caps
(10kv-at-50-100uf..hundreds available!!) in parallel , these were charged to
10kv with a 10kv 250ma transformer (one of several that i have) and
discharged and documented with several camera's and several perspectives to
allow us to post this info to the net for you other JOULE JUNKIES tm out
Again sorry for the delay and i'll be sending the list shortly.
If you have any questions or wish to chat call me my dime 888-448-7890


Curt Graber

LaseTech Co.
LineWave acoustics
CSD Group Inc.
S.B.C. Technologies
A/VS Marketing Group

P.S.  need to talk with someone with coin crusher/smasher and railgun