Re: MMC caps?


Sounds delicious!  What is the source?  Can you tell us the other specs for
these caps, such as DV/DT and AC voltage ratings?  Yes, use them in a
larger coil, but you probably will want to at least double the number of
caps in each string if you run with a 12 or 15 KV NST.


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> Subject: MMC caps?
> Date: Thursday, June 03, 1999 10:58 PM
> Original Poster: "Aron" <kc5uto-at-wt-dot-net> 
> I found a good source of .0062uf 2kvdc caps for a good price. I used 5
> strings of 6 with a 9kv 30ma neon and got 12" arcs out of my 3" tc. I
> think I am over powering them, but they don't even get warm on long runs.
> Would it be particle to use these for a larger coil? Also, I can get
> number of them (1000's) cheap.