Re: Wireless Energy Transmission

Thanking the excellent reply by Bill Wysock
let us address some of these impossible scenarios
of wireless transmission of energy.
   I have found that a neon bulb placed between a ground pole and a 60 hz
resonant coil connected between the midpoints of resonance will convey a
blinking of conduction at high frequency. This blinking is approximately the
same as the predicted 8 hz earth resonant frequency. Yet when the connection
is made to the aluminum siding of the house the same fast blinking takes
place. We should think then that the polar capacity of the house aluminum
siding matches that of the earth? Me thinks not.
   This business about resonating the earth  with 
frequency seems to indicate not that the earth itself is susceptible to such
low frequencies but that ITS
means anyone can see for themselves how the earth will respond as a polar
capacity by simply resonating a huge coil at 60 hz;
and observing this pattern of one ended conduction of electricity that does
occur between the earth as one connection and the device as the other.
   It seems to me that a great description has been made here and that tesla
coilers might not be aware of these ramifications. HDN

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