Re: Wireless Energy Transmission

Hello Bill, All,

The copy of the Colorado Springs Notes I have, is published by Nolit, from
Beograd (Belgrade- the place the US has been bombing of late ), Yugoslavia.
Copyright 1978 by the Nikola Tesla Museum, Beograd (Belgrade -I hope It has
remained intact!), Yugoslavia. It cost me $60 used, but in good shape, and
is cloth bound.


David Trimmell

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>To Dr. Skrocki, All:
>I agree with Alfred.  I was fortunate enough, to be given a
>Croatian version of Tesla's Colorado Springs Notes (which
>preceeded the English version, published by Beograd.)  There
>are additional bits of information in that version, that did not
>get included in the English book release.  I have not been able
>to get this version translated into English, but have, over the
>years, endevored to make comparisons between the two.