Tesla Coil Videotape # 23 is ready


I have just completed tape 23 of my Tesla research series.  This 2 hr.
videotape contains a 50 minute segment on metal spinning of toroids
using a drill-press, and a 20 minute segment on rotary sync gap
construction, along with some other efficiency tests, etc.


1.  Description of 4" by 13" spun aluminum toroid and the 42" spark
     TC, xfrmers, ballast, etc.
2.  Discussion of resonant charging and larger than resonant sized
     capacitor operation, efficiency gains, etc.
3.  Coil is run and sparks are shown
4.  Discussion of secondary sizes and the sync rotary gap
5.  Spark knocking or debarnacling update
6.  I show my method for spinning 4" by 13" spun aluminum toroids
     using a drill-press.
7.  4-125A vacuum tube gives 4" sparks in a tube Tesla coil
8.  HF-300 tube is installed and tested in a tube coil (19" sparks)
9.  813 tube is tested in a tube coil, gives 16" sparks with different
    grid arrangements
10.  The 4" by 13" spun toroid is installed and tested on the 42" spark
       Tesla coil, gives a nice display of streamers
11.  This 20 minute segment shows the construction of a new (nicer)
       sync rotary gap, including rotor constuction, sync lock tests,
       dimensions, etc.
12.  The 42" spark TC is tested for efficiency at 120 and 240 bps,
       sparks are shown, and a table shows the results.

(Usually $20 for overseas orders to cover 5 day airmail, please e-mail
me for exact pricing and ordering details.  Available in VHS NTSC
format only.)

(US orders), to order tape 23, please send $16 (includes US 
priority mailing) check or money order to:

John Freau 
49 Thiem Ave
Rochelle Pk,  NJ   07662