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On Mon, 24 May 1999 17:10:49 -0600 In the Tesla List
Clara Marie and Encil <encil-at-foxinternet-dot-net> wrote;

>>My copy of Tesla's
>>Diary is an original, (copyright 1978, Nikola Tesla Musuem,

>Does this, in any way, imply that the different Colorado Spring Notes
>are not the same.  Is there any significant difference in publishers 
>and/or revisions available?

The original issues from Beograd, Yugoslavia are not only THE Authentic
issues, but
they are better made as well. Being made of sewn signatures and cloth
bound, other issues by other publishers come in everything from
bootlegged, sloppy "Xerox" copies to ok'ish printed paper bound issues.
As with everything associated with Dr. Tesla there are A LOT of scams out
there selling illegal copies for prices up to $500. per issue! There was
some question as to whether the Barnes and Noble issue was bootleg or
not, but either way they are probably your best overall deal.


                                       Alfred A. Skrocki Sr.

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