Let us know how they work. Yes the Ni-63 would only a hazard if you eat the
gaps :-)
What was the price again?


David Trimmell

>Hi b**2,all
>	Victoreen products have a web site at 
>can't find "our" spark gaps in the catalogue though. might be worth
>e-mailing them for a spec. 
>I have ordered 20 of them from all electronics to try and torture them to
>death. well near death anyway. One problem might be that if they are
>designed for low duty cycle use ie surge protection, they might not last
>long in a coil tank circuit. What I am planning to do is try and sort them
>into voltage breakdown categories of say 1 or 2 % and run them in parallel
>to try and keep the current density down. Anybody see anything I might have
>missed?. I looked up ni-63 and got the following : half life 100 years.
>beta emitter 63.88 Kev max 17.13 kev ave. it appears to be non hazardous,
>but if one of our health physics would like to comment..
>If they don't work, hey we can always go back to the plumbing off cuts.
>bob golding