health hazords

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> > Hi all
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> > Does any one on the list know the effects of ozone on the human body?.
> > Also what other gasses are produced by an active Tesla coil and what
> > harm can they do.
> > Is it possible for a coil to produce X-rays when experimenting with
> > different objects on top of a coil and having the streamers
> > discharging through them eg light bulbs/fluorescent tubes/radio
> > valve etc.
> > Thank in advance
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> > Mike Tucknott.

	Another list-recip. just mentined headache as a common problem
with ozone inhalation.  Although true, it is just a tiny piece of the real
danger.  No one should *ever* inhale ozone vapors, of *any* significant
concentration (and if you can smell it, that is surely significant)...if it
can be avoided, which it almost always can, by simple ventilation of your
'tesla room' with a fan, and sane run-times for your toy.

	Ozone is a severely oxidizing substance, which attacks living 
tissues very aggressively.  It oxidizes the very tissues of your lungs,
denaturing their proteins, causing inflammation, death, and potentially 
irreversible damage to the membranes of your lungs which exchange gases from
your blood to the atmosphere.  It is a known, severe carcinogen.

	Yeah, it's a kind of gallows-humor to be an 'ozone-junkie,' and 
a certain amount can (obviously, senior members!!) be tolerated without
certainly incurring poor outcomes - but folks ought to be more aware of 
the real magnitude of the potential dangers of ozone.

	Safe and happy coiling to all (getting ready to buy my 50 kV .05
mfd cap for my 10 kW, 27 kV coil...still looking for a 16-20 inch OD