CT has new area code (was Variac Repair)

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Sent:  Tuesday, June 30, 1998 11:09 AM
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Subject:  CT has new area code (was Variac Repair)


A few years back Connecticut got a second area code, 860.  West Hartford
is one of the areas that now has the new area code.  Another area that
recived the 860 is Bristol.  Superior Electric, makers of Powerstat
autotransformers, is located there.

Jim Monte

>From:  Edward J. Wingate [SMTP:ewing7-at-frontiernet-dot-net]
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>Subject:  Re: Variac Repair
>A letter I received some time ago from a company called JLM Electronics
>stated that they are now the sole manufacturers of Variac
>Autotransformer products worldwide. Their address and phone are:
>JLM Electronics
>56 Somerset St.
>Box 10317
>West Hartford, CT 06110
>Safe coiling,
>Ed Wingate