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If anyone on the list needs pole xmfrs for climbing arcs or TC's, I have
access to several hundred units, various manufacturers, most are rated 10
kVA, a few at 5 kVA, dual 120/240 volt primary with 12 kV to 14.4 kV
secondary (most have the tap changer switch).  We remove the tap changer and
set the tap direct wired to 14.4 kV output.  We also ground one of the
secondary bushing outputs inside the xmfr case so they are configured to
single-ended output for medium and large TC work.  Also makes a great HV
climbing arc.

Price is $35 per unit while they last.  At this price you might consider a
few "extra" units for other projects.

Please advise.



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>This may be irresponsible advice but I just put the gap as wide as I can
>it and I have about 1 hours run time and haven't lost a neon yet ( fizz,
>bang - Oh ****) And I don't run the gap across the neon.

Can you say "playing the odds" ? Sure you can.

>Who needs a safety gap, the only capacitor I have ever lost was killed by
>safety gap taking it over the dv/dt ratings - I've run without one ever
>and as your cap isn't reso you probably don't need one.

It's your NST and your choice..but I'll keep my safety gap. It's always a
idea to protect the neon, unless, of course you actually enjoy re-potting or
buying another transformer when... -not if- ...the "fizz bang - Oh sh*t"
incident inevitably happens.


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