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Hi Reinhard, All

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>> I also noticed that if I run my coil for more than about 45 seconds
>> continuously, the spark length drops off dramatically to almost
>> nothing.  The longer I let it sit before refiring, the longer the
>> spark.  I'm assuming that this is due to the poor quenching of my
>> two-bolt gap?
>Correct. Your gap is overheating and losing itīs ability to quench.
>It is also very probable that it is firing at a much lower voltage
>(due to pre-ionization) once it gets hot. Go for a flat static gap.
>Personally, I donīt like the RQ/TCBOR cylindrical gap for a
>number of reasons. Try to use as many gaps as you can. 

Can you elucidate the reasons why you don't like the RQ gap?

One of the problems I see with the RQ gap is it can be hard
to clean and unless you use a really long piece of PVC sewer
pipe, there are limits to how many gaps you can put in the
pipe. I didn't really have an easy time lining up the copper pipe
sections on a curve. I like Terry's 60 piece copper gap mounted
on a flat board but there's still the matter of cleaning between
the gaps, although it's much easier on a flat surface. 

I'm trying to remember if it's your web page or someone else's
but I recall a flat gap unit that the pipe sections could be easily
removed/rotated for cleaning; they weren't epoxied down and
were held in place like a vise, on each side. This seemed to me
to be a sensible approach but I wasn't entirely clear on how this 
unit was constructed.



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