Who [else] has or [has] built an Oudin Resonator? ; other Tesla inventions...


I am looking to share construction notes with anyone who has built an Oudin 
Resonator, or owns one.

When I say Oudin Resonator, I mean in particular the series wound coils for 
medical "treatments" and the excitation of vacuum electrodes and x-ray tubes 
in a uni-polar fashion, ca. 1910 era.  Usually both coils series wound on 
the same coil form, quite large in general.

For some [unknown] reason, "Oudin Resonator"s are often [incorrectly!] used 
interchangeably with "Tesla Coil", which (originally) they certainly were 
not (although similar).

It is interesting that "Violet Ray Machines" are classified as both Tesla 
Coils and Oudin Resonators (and in some "really WAY off" texts, d'Arsonval 
coils!) and yet they are technically in a category of their own.  Although 
they are certainly of Tesla's patents and design (technically a "Tesla 
Coil"), both tank circuit and resonator coil are not at all the familiar 
"Tesla Coil" we know today.  <I mean, after all, how many (endless) types of 
coils (and patents for that matter) did Mr. Tesla design...and we NEVER hear 
about here on the web!>

Anyhow, how many of you have built a Tesla turbine, or some other Tesla 
patents?  One day, when I get some time I definately building an arc lamp 
based on his patents... I own about a dozen carbon arc lamps, and they are 
fabulous toys as well.

How about some Tesla type light bulbs?  I've approximated some of the 
patents in lighting concerning special bulbs, single wires, etc.

Jeff Behary
Electrotherapy Museum, http://www.lvstrings-dot-com/quack.htm

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