RE: New Coil Questions

Thanks Terry.

I just tried this using a crude two bolt gap at 90 F and 40% humidity at
1000' elev. I started off with 3/4" and gradually reduced the gap until it
would consistantly jump the gap. Consistant meaning more than ten attempts
with no failures to arc. I got down to 5/8". This seemed high so I used a
variac to gradually increase the juice instead of just plugging it in. Same
results. I then took it into my air conditioned house. Same. With 9 gaps,
that works out to .07"/gap. Is that right? Seems kinda high, based on what
others have done.

Adam Minchey
ICQ 9397016

<<<< Seems right to me... - Terry >>>>

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> Hi Adam,
> 	The usual advice I give for setting gaps is this.  Connect
> just the gap to
> the neon.  With nothing else connected but the gap and neon, the voltage
> across the gap will simply be the normal neon output voltage or 15kV AC.
> Then simply set the gap to where it just begins to fire.  Thus, the gap
> will be set to the output voltage of the neon.  Once set, you can put in
> all the other stuff and go for it.  For safety gaps, you can also use the
> above procedure except set the gap to where it just does NOT fire.
> Cheers,
> 	Terry

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