RE: Transformer question

Roger: you give this beast 240V, and you'll let the smoke out in a big way.
This is a potential transformer. The 70:1 ratio tells you that it is 
a 120V/8400V transformer.
Nice find, but don't overfeed the piglet :)

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> Hello fellow Coilers,
> I have a transformer here that I need to learn more about. It is a GE
> voltage transformer.
> this is what is written on the spec tag: 1500va-at-30deg. celcius,
> bil=110kv,primary=8400v,
> ratio=70:1. This transformer has two terminals on it's secondary, but
> only one for its primary(has a place for a big fuse on the top of it.)
> It also has a grounding terminal on the side of it. I believe that it is
> going to need current limiting, but im new to this type of transformer.
> Any suggestions on current limiting? Now correct me if I am wrong here
> ok.
> To get high voltage from this transformer, I would connect 220v to its
> secondary and for the output I would connect one HV lead to the terminal
> on the top and one to the grounding post on the side? I'm am still
> learning about electrical theory here and I want to play it safe as
> possible(my kids will love me for it!). thanks all.......Roger Clement
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