Maggies and MMC's

Firstly, thanks to Alan Sharp for ordering the 1000+ caps for the UK MMC
effort.  Mike Tucknott dropped off 200 caps at my house and said you can
solder them together!  I guess I am not going out for a while.

As I was pondering the best way to solder them I was thinking about heat
loss from the caps and the discussion of the fact that they have polymer
bodies that insulate the internals from the outside world.  Surely the lead
wires are directly connected to the internals and if left of maximum length
they would act as pretty good radiators of internal heat.  What do you

Finally, thanks to all for the information sent directly to me and via the
list about magnifiers.  When I have come up with a possible design I will
run it past you.  Then I will read your replies and start again.

This list is a very valuable resource for us coilers scattered around the
world and is very much appreciated.

Dr B.
Brian H Le Page, Ph.D, Fleet, England
'Scientific progress goes boink', Bill Watterson, 1991