Re: it works!

">I got constant 14"-16" streamers with some
>occassionally going out to 20"ish.  I'm currently running a 12/60 NST,
>.0106 EMMC, 16" 22AWG secondary on 4" PVC.  Toroid is 19" x 4" aluminum.
>My spark gap is a lame set of two bolts.  So now I have some more
>1) how much improvement would a better SG give me? How about going to a
>15/60 NST? "

	You sure should be getting better streamers than that!  I have a little
3" x 15" coil here, wound with #30 wire, and with a 15" x 3" toroid on
top.  Primary uses 0.009 mfd total of ceramic HV filter capacitors, fed
from a 12 kV, 60 ma transformer.  Get 24"+ streamers, with some a bit
longer; line current is about 5 amps.  Performance is about the same
with a single straight gap or one of TCBOR's cylinder gaps, which I
prefer.  This is a lousy setup, but works reasonable well.