Re: inflatable torroid

"Jeff, Terry, all

I've just had a brainwave - how about using flexible glue (eg impact or
thin silicone) to attach pieces of metal fabric to the tube - this would
both low resistance and very flexible so the tube could be deflated
fear of losing the coating. I may have a browse around to see if I can
some fine-guage copper or aluminium cloth.... My 36" x 6" duct toroid
presents some significant transport and storage difficulties!

I know you can also get metallised lycra fabric in John Lewis here in
London, which would have even more 'stretch' but may be too high
and possibly ignite. Maybe I'll test a bit of this with my NST or my
flyback circuit to see what it can take.

Alex Crow"


	Why go to all this work when dryer duct is cheap, light in weight, and
easy to use???????