it works!

Well, my coil finally gets output.  I rechecked my wiring and found that
the secondary ground had worked loose. I seem to get maximum output from
about 7.2 turns.  I got constant 14"-16" streamers with some
occassionally going out to 20"ish.  I'm currently running a 12/60 NST,
.0106 EMMC, 16" 22AWG secondary on 4" PVC.  Toroid is 19" x 4" aluminum.
My spark gap is a lame set of two bolts.  So now I have some more

1) how much improvement would a better SG give me? How about going to a
15/60 NST?
2) how high should my secondary be relative to the primary?  What are
the signs that it's too high or too low?
3) how wide should I set my spark gap?  At what point am I putting my
NST in danger?
4) how should I set my safety gap?  Should I short the primary and
adjust the safety until it just doesn't fire?

Thanks to everyone who helped me with questions about getting my coil to
fire.  I took some digital pics of my coil not operating and will post
them soon.  I have an old Pentax K1000 and plan to try some operating
pics soon too.

On another note: I have fired my coil for about 60 seconds followed by
60 secs off and repeated this about 15 times and my EMMC caps were not
even warm to the touch.  I'm using 2 strings of 10 of the .056 1600V
panasonic caps.