Re: A few questions...

"A Tesla coil is pulsed with giant spikes that can reach 1000 amps many
times every second.  Even though the spikes may get to 1000 amps, the
or equivalent DC current level is around 15 amps.  Thus, the cap has to
dissipate the heat internally that a 15 amp current would create.  Since
MMC has an internal resistance of say 0.06 ohms, the power dissipated
be 15^2 x 0.06 = 13.5 watts.  That may not sound like much power but to
plastic cap with 20kV across it can be a lot.  If you change the cap to
paper dielectric, the internal resistance may go up to 2 ohms.  15^2 x 2
"BAD" :-))"

	The peak current in amps can be calculated as follows:

	Let f = frequency in kilohertz, C = capacitance in microfarads, V is
the peak voltage across the capacitor.

	Then Ipeak = (f x C x V)/159.15


	f = 250 kHz,  C = 0.01 ufd, V = 15000

	Ipeak = (250 x 0.01 x 15000)/159.15 = 235.6 amperes

	f = 100 kHz,  C = 0.1 ufd, V = 20000

	Ipeak = (100 x 0.1 x 20000)/159.15 = 1256.7 amperes