Re: An Oudin Resonator with a peculiar style of winding the secondary

Computer operated Coil Winder!!!  Geez, some people have all of the toys!  I 
had to figure out a way to cut the grooves in the PVC manually, and the 
lathe worked well providing
(a) I only took one pass of the cutter
(b) I used the power switch w/o touching the thread cutting tool to change 

Not exactly scientific, nor accurate.  It was interesting that any top load 
capacitance totally killed any chances of sparks.
Yet, at higher currents (9kV 60mA, .00372 mfd) I was getting a nice HOT 
hissing 5-6" brush discharge, as if I had been using a tube driven tank 

I have like 5 or 7 of these coils I wound yesterday fiddling around.
They range from (bottom of coil to top) 52-16 tpi, 36-4 tpi, and 28-16 tpi.
Now, they are littering the garage, and if I don't move them the cat will 
pee on them.

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