transformer question

> Hello all,

I currently have a Tesla Coil built here. It uses a 15kv 60ma.
transformer. I am
wanting to change to a transformer with more current. I have a
transformer here
and have a few questions about it. First of all, on the specification
tag is
GE Voltage Transformer, 1500VA-at-30deg. celcius,
Bil 110kv, 60 hz, primary 8400v, cat. 765x024057.
It's wieght is  approx. 85 lbs.
Ok I believe that this one is gonna need current limiting right? If so
can anyone
recommend what to use for current limiting? I currently use a .01
capacitor rated
at 30kvac. What value would be good for this transformer?
Roger Clement

what is a "roundtoit"?